Starting Solids

I am sure almost everyone is apprehensive about baby milestones and moments, after all most of these things happen the first time only once.

With infertility most of us tend to be paranoid and extra cautious, and then sprinkle A’s colitis on top and I was absolutely freaking out about starting solids.

I knew she was ready for a month now, she stared and sometimes glared as I ate food. She started imitating chewing motions but December was when her colitis was at its worse. I was not about to give her something directly that was making her bleed in a much milder fashion through breast milk.

So poor A waited, and the more we waited the more anxious I got.

I couldn’t decide whether to BLW or puree it.

I couldn’t decide whether to start with oatmeal or vegetables and which vegetables.

I figured I wanted to make everything at home but then got stressed out about proper cooking and more importantly storing food.

My indecisiveness (P loathes it) was at its peak.

The one thing I didnt count on was contradicting information from both the pediatrician and GI.

The Pediatrician absolutely didn’t want me to make carrots, root vegetables or spinach at home for fear of nitrates. The GI didn’t care and wanted me to try and make as much at home as I could for fear of contamination with ingredients.

The Pediatrician wanted me to start water in a sippy cup and GI said try not to use water even in making the purees etc as much breast milk as possible.

The only thing they about agreed upon was more vegetables and less fruits.

After driving myself nuts for a few days I decided I was going to take the middle path.

I took the more conservative advice from either dr, as in dont make carrots, spinach and root veggies at home (buy organic and as pure in ingredients as possible) and make the rest at home. Give her the sippy cup (but she just flings it so, I technically follow both drs there)

I was going to start with purees and work my way upto BLW if I could.  Its not like with the colitis, I could start her on straight up multiple ingredient foods anyway.

I still had a lot more questions about how much to nurse her after starting solids, was there a schedule, how many meals a day, how much to give her. The list went on.

I knew that like everything this was going to have a learning curve but I wasnt sure whether I could forgive myself any mistakes that might hurt her health.

Dr Google was no help and a lot of questions I just felt silly asking people. I often tell myself there are no silly questions in parenting because I’d rather look silly then make a snafu.

This was a milestone that came with a lot of apprehension for me, and oddly enough this was a milestone I had been the most excited about. Almost like fate said, “Oh you are finally relaxing are you? Here let me sucker punch you in to never relaxing again!!”

I am grateful for everyone on twitter who humored my endless questions though.

In the end we started with storebought Sweet Potatoes (initially Earths Best Stage 1 but it comes with water and ascorbic acid so we switched Beech Nut organics which is only sweet potatoes).

She was cautious with the first bite, not sure what I was trying to do but quickly decided she liked it. She even threw a tantrum in the evening, crying in frustration till I took her back to the high chair and fed her again ( she was refusing to nurse). A decided she had some catching up to do and straight off the bat we were doing 2 meals a day.

Solids have officially begun and A is growing up a lot faster then I would like.





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