50 shades of poop

Sounds so glamorous doesn’t it?

Solids poop is difficult, it’s more like adult poop. It a reflection of what baby ate, it is smelly and very interesting in color.

It is even more fun when due to colitis you are holding it up to a lamp scrutinizing for mucus or blood. Yes I am that crazy mom that does that.

I also have to rinse it off from the cloth diaper, which is making me use more disposables in day and less cloth sometimes.

So far we have tried sweet potatoes, avocados, oatmeal, roasted red peppers, Green beans, opo squash, apples, bananas, carrots for baby.

I added gluten to my diet successfully and almonds.

Although between bananas and almonds I have hit a road bump somewhere. I think we have found another potential allergen. I just have to figure out whether it is one of these things, or just increased iron in diet that is giving us the interesting colors.

Blw was out of the question due to allergies so we have been doing purees and steamed veggies. She chews but then doesn’t know how to swallow. Hopefully we will figure it out.

I wish there was an easy way to figure out how much to give her, when to give her etc. We are still struggling with our timing where she will eat it vs fling it or spit it back out.

I also wish occasionally I got a reaction from her that clued me in to whether she dislikes the food or wasn’t in mood. So far she eats it all.


2 thoughts on “50 shades of poop

  1. I’m building my stash for cloth diapering and I’ve heard getting into solids is a whole different story! It sort of grosses me out just thinking about it, but we will see how I do. I also think I’m going to start with purees too..but of course have no idea if Nora will have allergies or not. I’m glad she’s eating most things though. Before you know it, she’ll be able to tell you verbally what she wants. Hang in there.


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