Driving is fun or is it?

Most people are the same version of themselves when they drive. They are rarely different.

I am used to being alone in my car and rarely have a passenger when I drive. That has led to the evolution of my driving persona.

I sing loudly when I drive because I am usually by myself and don’t have anyone judging me inability to carry a tune.

I gesture frantically and yell enthusiastically at people that abruptly cut me off or drive “aggressively” aka rashly.

I may get creative with my swear words and it may be one of the few times I swear in Gujarati, my once upon a time primary language.

It shocks P,  even after all these years. I am now consciously trying to watch my language cuz A is in car with me but old habits die hard.

P thinks I keep my feelings bottled up so much they erupt. I wonder about that though, it is not that I keep them bottled up. I often express them vaguely or subtly and P usually doesn’t catch it.

Am I really keeping so much inside me that it explodes when I am driving because it is the only time I am(used to be) alone?

Sometimes I think I confuse being an adult with losing my voice in real life.

Lately I wonder which one is really me? Maybe they are both sides of me after all so I really have to be the same person all the time?  Does that sound weird?


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