14 months old

I am doing terrible at keeping up with blogs and barely able to keep up with Twitter.

I had this crazy idea today to just write, write about something fantastic that happened today, something that made this day stand out. I know it’s ridiculous, I know I don’t have time to gather my thoughts, I also know keeping up with writing daily is virtually impossible but I want to try.

I want to dig out of the fog that has become my life. I want to remember the little things as A grows up so quickly. I want more from my days, my life and more from me every day. So I will try

She turned 14 months yesterday, wow did time fly. Today I also took coq10 again for the first time in a long time. We aren’t TTC again yet but are thinking about it, talking about it, dancing around the topic mostly.

Now that I think about my blur of a day and try to find something positive, I see so many happy moments in a day that for a while I thought was going to crush me. I texted dh and asked if I could have a vacation day from life, it was that kind of a day.
Yet just when I felt I was going to drown, she calmed down, willingly sat in her high chair and played with cherry tomatoes(even gasp eating a couple) while I 

  1. Finished cooking
  2. Fixed the coil on my stove that I accidentally took apart …oops
  3. Stopped feeling like i was drowning

She also later finished the day with eating perhaps the biggest meal she has ever eaten making me teary eyed. Yes I did almost cry.

Also is official, my child’s security blanket is a stick, any stick. Like a warrior waving her sword, she waves the stick (wind Mill thingies, spoons, paper straws, pens, markers we don’t really discriminate). Today, she was exhausted and I tried for over an hour to get her to goto sleep but she refused to lie down. The minute I desperately handed her a marker, well 5 minutes later she was asleep.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel and it oddly resembles a stick.


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