Haunts of allergies past

I know A has supposedly outgrown her dairy allergy. However there has always been one allergy I haven’t figured out. It gives her an instant rash.
Something she ate two days ago gave her a terrible rash and diarrhea. Dh says I worry, I try to look for things where there aren’t any and I am transposing my hypochondriac ways on to her. But I can’t help seeing a co relation.
She had a rash, she had a bit of diarrhea, and she refused to sleep. Horrible barely napping and staying up till 1am and nursing frequently for last 2 days.

I didn’t tell him but I instantly cut 2 things out of her diet, the lentils I know she ate before but not frequently and tomatoes. 

I will be honest they are my new prime suspects. This was the first time she ate tomatoes directly but there was also those lentils. I will never know what caused it, (well till I do some trial and error) I still have the standing order of getting her stools tested if I need to.

She has been napping soundly for 2 hours and counting today. I take it as a good sign that she is willing to lie down without a fight (maybe reflux again)?

I wish I was more confident in knowing what was wrong or even believing my own gut that something is wrong. I think like infertility, these allergies will haunt us for a while at least till she can talk and hopefully tell me when something is bothering her.

I wish she cried so I knew. Instead even when she was a baby, she would just fight sleep. I remember this time last year there were entire nights when she absolutely refused to sleep. I am guessing I was consuming large amounts of dairy and her colitis was really flaring up. The sleepless nights just left me unable to think and it took me months to realize there was a real problem.

My inability to figure out her problems faster left me crippled with guilt and doubt. Mom’s intuition is a thing and I failed my baby that was relying on me to understand her and help her.

I really hope I connect the dots faster this time to wherever they lead.


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