We are just not that lucky

Disclaimer: sorry if it triggers and no we aren’t actually trying.

I have been feeling off the last few days, car sick, nauseous just off. My period was due soon and as usual my inner self took a flight of fancy.

There was that one time when you know there was unprotected sex. It was possible. Why not.

Dh finally caught on to my flight of fancy when I postponed booking vacation and said “we just aren’t that lucky”

Well why not I wanted to scream. People are fertile sometimes after a baby. It could happen, it could happen to me.

Well it didn’t, AF is here today and this roller coaster I stupidly put myself through is exactly the reason why I m postponing the conversation on TTC again.

To recap, we are out of infertility coverage under most insurance plans in most states cuz apparently United will still count it as used even if BCBS paid for it. And we just aren’t that lucky that we might get pg and keep it without medical help.

Maybe it’s time to rethink things.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, I am incredibly grateful that I have my one baby. I just….I guess am not sure about the point of this post except a big whine.


2 thoughts on “We are just not that lucky

  1. I think we all deserve a good whine now and then. It does happen, it’s NOT fair, and there’s no reason you can’t feel angry about that.


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