I have been wondering for over a year how this fake news phenomenon happened. How did so many people fall for so many things that were fake. I mean as a nation we should know better right?

Today I was irritated about something for the umpteenth time and declared that my in laws are the fake news family (in my head of course).  It hit me, this is how an entire nation succumbed to fake news.

If it is on the Internet it must be right. If 5 websites are saying it, it must be right. Why? When did we simply start believing something because someone was saying it?

Now I am the horrible daughter in law who lives to contradict everything they say.

Chickpeas have Gluten – Me: No No They really dont

Whole Wheat Flour and All Purpose Flour come from different grains – Me: No No They really dont.

Whole Wheat Flour is Gluten Free – Me: No No it really isnt.

Gluten is the devil – Me: No No it really isnt. Also if you can digest whole wheat flour but not all purpose flour then Gluten isnt your problem.

The one thing that irked me however was the declaration. Lemons Can Prevent Cancer. I wanted to scream from rooftops, NO NO IT DOESNT.

Let me give you some background, his family has never faced cancer. No one in my in laws immediate family has battled or succumbed that disease. My Family, we had lots of brushes with cancer. Cancer in the Intestines Yep, Renal Cell Carcinoma Yep, Breast Cancer Yeah Sure why not, Leukemia -YES Join the party. We have lost near and dear ones to this battle time and again. So YES it pisses me off when you say that they could add a lemon wedge to their water and they would have lived. I dont want to digress though.

Lemons dont cure cancer. My husband says he found it on the internet to support his dad’s theory. I ask, show me, was it a reputable website? Is there any science to support this? None that I could find satisfactorily. Yes I looked, because I will forever want to verify everything (Another reason my in laws refer to me as the Googler, because I prefer to verify my information).

Raisins Dont Cause Nosebleeds

We could go on and on about how Raisins dont cause nosebleeds, there is no science to support this. Yes I shouldnt just dismiss old wives tale outright I mean Turmeric does have some value (its sold in costco now, so I shouldnt have mocked all those years my grandma told me as a child that it had medicinal value). Specifically though, Raisins didnt cause my child’s nosebleed. We didnt stop there though to appease them and mantain my sanity, I stopped her Raisins for the duration of their stay. She ate them once on a long drive because I ran out of snacks and she ate corn that day. Her colitis acted up, she had blood in her stool the next day. It was the RAISINS they declared with the look in their eye that said I am a horrible mom. It was the corn I said calmly. It was the Raisins they believed.

Our egos contribute to this issue. We read it on the internet so it cannot possibly be fake. We believed it, we discussed it, we spread it around so it cannot possibly be fake. You are simply trying to diminish my intelligence therefore you are fake. I am not old, I am not outdated, I am on the internet, I am relevant.

Meanwhile, I see science becoming just slightly more obscure and irrelevant. Meanwhile, I see the truth and facts becoming just slightly more irrelevant even in my own home. How did we get here? How did we get here as a family and how did we get here as a nation or a world where facts stopped being facts, where truth isnt absolute and Fake News RULE!



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