A Familiar Story

A leader stood on his podium and as part of his campaign, encouraged the majority to blame the minority for their woes.

The minority meant they couldnt voice their opinions freely, they were bound by limitations in their own country. The minority meant they couldnt suceed as well. The minority was to blame for it all.

He won!!

The minority lived in fear, they were occasionally lynched by angry mobs.

The majority shrugged and sleight of hand along with propoganda convinced the majority to look away. They convinced them their country was shining, their was country was rising, they were going to achieve their destiny and take their place in the world again.

Sounds familiar, and most people around me will think I am talking about White people, I am talking about Trump, I am talking about MAGA.

Am I though?

Maybe, but I am also talking about Modi, I am talking about India and I am talking about Hindus.

I am not Hindu, I am surrounded by them, married to a Hindu etc. I have all these BJP supporters in my family that make me a little sick.

They believe it is the time of Hindus to rise again.

They believe they have been enslaved. I actually encouraged (albeit passively to look up the definition of slavery).

They believe India can finally be proud. Who the EFF cares that Indian currency has lost its value tremendously in the last two years.

Who the EFF cares that someone got lynched because the crowd suspected that he ate beef.

Who the EFF cares that I see comments on American policy to the tune of Muslims being the common enemy, that Trump isnt waging war against brown people, just the muslims. He loves HINDUS.

I do.

I try to lead a life where I want to be able to look myself in the eye at the end of the day and know I did the right thing.

I try to live so that I am my own judge and jury.

I have failed myself once, and I still am angry with me about that (Long story). I think I am failing myself again.

Every time I quietly look away at this conversation, every time I refuse to engage my family, every time I fail. I fail myself and I fail my children.

I am not happy about it but the non confrontational part of me wins. Maybe it is time for a change.


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