Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog.

The name inhospitable womb confess from my twitter handle. I am really bad at coming up with names and handles, as evidenced by my actual twitter handle (@misstomrstomom). Fair Warning – My twitter handle is now mostly politics being a liberal who wants to RESIST. My other twitter is @screaminginvoid but that is only open to people I already know

To be fair, I made that handle a year or so into my trying to conceive (ttc) journey. I half heartedly needed a medium to cope with my grief from the first miscarriage. I thought I would find like minded people but I didn’t know what to find and I had assumed this to be a blimp that I would overcome easily. How wrong I was.

I didn’t know just how long my journey would be, and it wasn’t until my 4th year ttc, after surgery and having started clomid that the infertility community found and embraced me.

My journey felt less burdened and in a way I discovered myself again. Hence I do identify a lot with the name, Inhospitable Womb.

My journey, my blog, chronicles life and the world from my perspective.

I am me, but now also a wife and a mom, we were two peas in a pod till we welcomed A, our miracle baby.

I am an immigrant in a land of immigrants, the United States who has lived in the Midwest for over half my life (the early years being spent in Mumbai) and now am a recent transplant to Northern California.

I am a person of Indian origin and my culture still influences my life and views.

I am an avid reader and I sometimes imagine myself as a writer, even though my last attempt at writing was 9 years ago.

I am many things, and like me this blog will be very different.

What I am not is foolishly brave, and being married into a rather conservative Indian family. This blog will remain anonymous













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