My ttc journey

First miscarriage in nov 2010

1st RE visit Dec 2011, he assumed I had PCOS w/o even an ultrasound because I was overweight with wonky periods and probe to facial hair.

Hysterosalpinogram Jan 2012 – horrible experience mostly due to above RE bed side manner.

Chemical pregnancy and m/c Feb 2012

Months of metformin later I lost faith in RE.

Summer of 12- Ob/gyn finally did a hysteroscopies and found fibroids were huge and I needed surgery.

Mystery illness and cancer scare in fall of 2012

New RE spring of 2013

Laprascopic myomectomy in July of 2013

Diagnosed with homozygous MTHFR and high TSH that contributed to my miscarriages.

Started clomid

BFP on 2nd round ended in miscarriage April 2014

5th and final round of clomid led to baby girl A born July 2015.

Trying, hoping for Baby #2 (was not one of the lucky ones to get pg naturally).

Currently trying to get my thyroid under control before hopefully starting a cycle in December